A Game Changer

I feel compelled to share this story, in case I can help my friends also struggling with similar issues.

Over the past few years, I have struggled. I have struggled with my weight, with feeling excessive fatigue, and with anxiety and depression. My journey started many years ago when I began making healthy lifestyle changes. But even with all the work I have put into living a healthy life, I still kept feeling awful. I can only imagine how horrible I would have felt if I hadn’t had those changes (like running, yoga, eating healthy, taking vitamins).

Even though I felt like I was working extremely hard, I felt like I couldn’t quite get to my goals. I was gaining weight consistently each year. I felt bloated and looked bloated and puffy. Most importantly, I felt so TIRED. I mean exhausted. I couldn’t pick my head up off my desk at work some days. I felt like I couldn’t give my all to my job or my family. I was in survival mode all the time and could never get ahead.

I also had an upcoming wedding and was desperately wanting to lose a little of the puffiness. After having spent hundreds of dollars on fad workouts, gyms and diet plans, I gained even more weight. All that money, and HOURS of researching, planning and doing these plans, with no results. I finally decided to just accept that I wasn’t going to have the energy I used to have and I wasn’t going to have the body or strength I use to have. This was the new me. The slower, more irritable, and tired me.

Then, my friend showed me her amazing results with using a shake system. She said, she didn’t even really make any changes. She kept her usual yoga routine, ate healthy and drank a shake daily, and she had lost several pounds and many inches from her waist. At first I was skeptical, but I found out it was all natural ingredients and superfoods. There were no chemicals or sugars or artificial sweeteners! So in desperation, I gave it a try.

I soon got hooked up with my current coach and a support group. I started posting daily accountability posts and getting feedback about my nutrition and help with how to make changes. In three weeks I had lost 7 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. My skin looked amazing, I wasn’t puffy, and most importantly, I FELT AMAZING. I had energy again! I no longer had insane food cravings like I normally have in my life. I was actually eating more and losing weight! My MOOD was more stable and I was no longer constantly irritable.

Excited for these changes, I signed up for another challenge pack, focusing on strength training. After 60 days from initially starting, I had lost 8 pounds and 4 inches from my waist, and began getting muscle definition. I also noticed huge changes in my strength. I could run further and more controlled, and without hurting myself (which had been a barrier before). I felt stronger in my asanas. And I STILL FELT AMAZING!!! Which is truly life changing. I have energy for my job and my new husband and I feel more stable as a person. I am really happy with this new lifestyle and it is completely sustainable.

I am now a Coach, because I am the type of person who feels I must share great things with the world. So on top of being a health professional and a yoga instructor, I’ve added this to my repertoire. I have a wonderful team with amazing people who are also on their fitness journeys. They also want to feel good and have their lives back! Or for some, to get the life they never thought possible.  They also are tired of being a slave to food and feeling exhausted. They also want strength and energy. It is amazing to be surrounded by these amazing and caring people, with similar goals.

If you are interested in learning more, or want to join our team, please contact me. I would love to help you achieve your goals and feel great!


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