Treat yo’ Self! To lose weight. (Yes, I’m serious)

This is a post I recently wrote for our fitness group’s daily post.  Our fitness support group is fantastic, with daily posts, challenges, and information. Not to mention accountability and support! If you are wanting to make changes in your life and are interested in joining our group, reach out and contact me. I’m so glad I’ve gone down this road in my life.

Treat Yo’ Self Saturday

When embarking upon making changes in life, it is easy to set very rigid goals and then beat up ourselves when not reaching them. The harder we are on ourselves, the worse we feel. And the worse we feel, the less likely we are to make good choices. And if we are really hard on ourselves, call ourselves names, then we can even run the risk of getting depressed.

Does this type of situation ever happen to you?

I set a goal to workout and eat completely healthy with no sugar. Worked out. Ate healthy. Then a friend shows up with brownies and I grab one and darn it is good.

My friend leaves, but now I’m sitting there thinking, “OMG I can’t BELIEVE I let myself eat that brownie”. Other stuff comes up in my mind like, “That was so stupid.” or “I am so fat”. Or maybe, “this is why I’m fat”. And let the beating begin…

Not much later I feel drained and tired, see a bag of chips (or enter favorite comfort food) and land on the couch. “Well, I’m already fat” or “I already wrecked my nutrition today” I say as the munching begins…. and so the downward cycle ensues


So lets replay this and see what happened.
I was doing so great and then had a wonderful moment with a friend shared over a brownie. In fact, before that I had already made a lot of successes for the day. But once I started getting down on myself and calling myself names – everything changed. The mood became dark and the idea of change seemed bleak, I got tired, felt crappy, felt guilty… and then I really became susceptible to making bad decisions and getting mad and then making bad decisions, and then getting mad…


# NOTICE: Notice when I’m starting to beat myself up and respond with a LITTLE LOVE.

# BE KIND: Not beating myself up for beating myself up! Self love is important for positive change. It is the backbone to finding intrinsic motivators (wanting to be healthier, feel better, be more present in your life) versus extrinsic factors, (trying to look good for someone else)

# BE CURIOUS Spending my energy thinking less of how I screwed up and more of “How might i do better?”. I look for my triggers and how I could approach the situation differently next time.


I allow myself treats (not cheats) that are healthy. There is never anyway I’ll NEVER eat sugar again for the rest of my life. That is completely unrealistic. I make sure my goals are realistic and attainable. As I reach these attainable goals, I build momentum for setting the next goal and these small steps build upon each other to equal big things.

# PLAN FOR SUCCESS I use Shakeology as a treat or to make healthy desserts, and then schedule them into the meal plan. If I know I’m going to an event, I decide ahead of time what I will allow. I eat something healthy beforehand so I’m less tempted to indulge. I look at the menu (if going out) and find what I want before going. Planning ahead with healthy treats cuts down on temptations.

# NON-FOOD BASED REWARDS Treat yo’ self with non-food based rewards! I get a massage, grab some girls for a mani-pedi, buy a new shirt to workout in, or go to the park or on a hike. Taking time for myself is a huge reward. Find something you LOVE and treat yourself.

So that brings us to today’s challenge. How do YOU treat yourself?


Share your thoughts!

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